Paola Suarez Estevez is an LA-based artist who recently received her Bachelor’s in Studio Art ('18) at Long Beach State.


She was born in Los Angeles but raised in Mexico up to the age of 5 making Spanish her first language. Paola was first introduced to art when an art teacher came to her 3rd grade class to teach a couple of classes. In addition she remembers her elementary school teacher mention Picasso's work every now and then during class. As a kid she found an interest in clothes and fabrics. The lack of a sewing machine led her to sew her ideas by hand. She designed and sewed together 2 dresses and 1 backpack before the age of 16. It was not until her last year of high school that she noticed her potential to draw after taking a drawing class as her 12th grade elective. Her drawing teacher encouraged her to apply for the Ryman Arts Scholarship and was selected to take additional art  courses  at  Otis  College

of Art and Design. Paola initially went to community college to study Fashion Design but was encouraged to study business first. After a few business classes she strayed away as she was instead excelling in her art classes. Paola decided to continue studying art and eventually transferred to Cal Sate Long Beach. 


She admires artisanal techniques that require a lot of patience, craftsmanship and precision. Paola finds inspiration in clowns, primary colors, abandoned architecture and  nostalgia.

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Insights 2018: The Annual Student Exhibition / University Art Museum / Long Beach

SMC Art Department Student Exhibit / Pete & Susan Barrett Art Gallery / Santa Monica

Ryman Arts Student Exhibition / California African American Museum / Los Angeles

San Francisco